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Why should I train my dog?

Teaching your dog basic skills and manners is important. It builds a strong relationship on trust and respect. When you train your dog, you give him structure and stability so that he will become a well behaved member of the family.

What will we learn in class?

Each class is set up to give you and your dog the appropriate instruction for his age. Puppy class focuses on mouthing, jumping, potty training, socializing, etc. and does teach basic skills. Basic covers manners and more advanced skills. You can take your dog to the next level with Basic Level Two or have some fun in the Trick class!

What is “Positive Reinforcement” training?

The training methods used are positive. We have the first rule of “Do no harm”. You will learn how to use treats, toys, praise, etc. to teach and reinforce basic cues and manners. You will then learn to fade away the food, and have your dog work for what he wants in life, i.e. food, attention, going for walks, etc. No harsh training methods or tools are used.

What age can my puppy start training?

Puppies must have their first set of shots.  The age to start training is usually between 8 and 10 weeks. Dr. Robert K. Anderson, D.V.M recommends early socialization. He says that puppies begin learning at birth, and that their brains are particularly responsive to learning and retaining experiences that are encountered during the first 13-16weeks after birth. “This is the optimal period of learning.”

What do I do about behavior problems? Or “my dog is barking”!

There are many reasons why a dog or puppy develops behavior problems. We will help with many of these “problem behaviors” as part of the class. If there are more extreme cases, we can schedule a private lesson to handle it. Barking, jumping, digging, house soiling, etc. can have many different causes. We need to find out why your dog is doing this and handle it in a way that works for you and your family.

What do I need before I start classes?

You will need to print and sign these two forms, and send in with the fee.
(Requires Acrobat Reader)
Class Policy Form
Class Release Form

OR use the online payment form. Please make sure the class is not marked “full” before you register!

What about private consultations?

For a private consult, please complete the Private Lessons Intake Questionnaire and return with payment. Office hours are M-Thurs from 12:30-8:00 with limited hours on Saturday. I do teach classes most evenings and Saturday. Cancellation policy is 48 hours.

Where do I send the forms?

Please send the completed forms with payment to:
WagWag Enterprises
PO Box 2379
Englewood, Co 80150

Registration/payment must be received to hold a spot in class.